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Why am I here?

First off, hello my name is Jenny and welcome to my blog! Thank you for sparing a moment of your time to stop by and read what I’ve got to say, I really appreciate it.

Let me introduce myself to you properly; as I’ve already said my name is Jenny, I’m 21, I’m obsessed with Disney, me and my boyfriend our going to Disney World in June for our first ever visit to a Disney park, my  boyfriend’s name is Stuart and I’ve been with him for nearly 4 years, we’ve got a 1 year old Shih-tzu called Chester and he’s the love of our life’s, and we hope to move out and find our own place by the end of the year. See i’m pretty normal, right? WRONG! I’m chronically and mentally ill. Now trust me, i’d love to tell you that it all happened with me being attacked by a bear or a shark of something, but I would be lying if I told you that; in fact it all started happening in August 2012 when my now boyfriend accidentally knocked me out(he didn’t attack me or anything horrible like that, I was on a round about, he pushed it too hard, I fell off and hit my head on a wooden post). I’m not blaming Stuart, god no, but i’m also not going tell you that I don’t wind him up about it…

Since then I’ve started having seizures which have been diagnosed as epilepsy (and more frequently as non-epileptic, yes I have both!), and then in November 2014 I had a 4 hour long seizure (otherwise known as status epilepticus) and had to be put into an induced coma in the intensive care unit as they couldn’t stop the seizure; when I was woken up from the coma 3 days later i’d lost the use of my left arm, left leg and couldn’t feel my right leg. Over the next week I was taken to a normal neurological ward, where I didn’t even spend 1 night before being transferred back to intensive care as I had gone back into status epilepticus. Luckily that time I didn’t have to be intubated as they managed to stop the seizure but when the sedation had worn off it became apparent that I couldn’t feel or move either leg now and I couldn’t sit up by myself without assistance; after trying intense neurological physical therapy it became apparent that nothing more could be down to get my legs to work as it had been too long; I still see my neurologist now to see if anything can be done, but he’s said it’s going to be permanent. This now makes me a lower limb paraplegic, its on my medical records and everything so its official! Trust me, its not something i’m excited or happy about, but I find its easier to laugh and joke about it  than be miserable all the time. The condition that is said to have caused my paralysis and other problems is called Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), and has also caused memory loss, bladder retention, migraines, muscle spasms, and so much more than I care to mention. I’ve also been diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and borderline personality disorder since 2014, but its thought that the BPD has been going on this I was about 6/7 but its only just been identified; i’ll do I whole other post on mental illnesses because I think this post is long enough haha.

I’d just like to say that throughout everything Stuart has been amazing, without him honestly I don’t know what i’d of done. Yes my family and friends and Stuart’s family have been incredibly supportive as well, but Stuart has been my rock; in fact I think we’ve been each others rock especially with Stuart graduating university this year, but more importantly he’s been everything to me.

Now I feel like I should address the title of this post, why am I here? Im here to share my adventures with you all, whether they be Disney adventures, general travel adventures, or just my day to day adventures; as well as this I’ll be sharing with you ‘Pack with me’ posts, life advice, and reviews of places and products on their wheelchair accessibility and how they help with my day to day life as a paraplegic! Now if thats something you thing you’ll be interested in, why not stick around to see what else I’ve got to say.

I intend on posting every Thursday, I might post more than that but i’ll definitely be posting at least once a week so you can expect me to be pretty consistent hopefully!

I hope that this hasn’t been too boring for you and that you’ll want to come back again to read what else i’ve got to say. Until next time, as you’ve probably guessed the feature picture includes photos that I feel allow you to put a picture to a name!

Jenny xx
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