Disney World travelling wishlist!

disney wishlist

  1. Sync wire USA USB plug. Because both of mine and my boyfriends phones have USB charging cables, it would seem pointless to bring all those separate plugs as well when this plug allows 4 USB’s to be plugged in at once and its already a US style plug so no adapters!
  2. Sony MDRZX310 Foldable Headphones. The flight to Orlando is 9 hours and I can barely last 2/3 hours with the Apple in ear ones as they hurt my ears, so I thought overhead ones would be a lot comfier; Also, in one of Brogan’s weekly vlogs (Brogantatexo) from summer last year she had them and said they were really good and I trust what she has to say, so I have faith in these for being good for nearly 9 hours!
  3. American Tourister Mickey Mouse cabin suitcase. If we’re being honest, i’d LOVE the large suitcase version but I just can’t justify £130ish for a suitcase; to be honest, I can’t justify £90 for a cabin version but its the cheapest one and I love this design, alas I doubt I’ll ever actually buy one as I could save that money for spending!
  4. Anker powercore+ mini. We’ve already got a portable charger that is used quite a lot, but its actually quite heavy. Im not saying its going to put us over the weight limit or anything, I’m just saying if it came between the power bank and something i’d bought from disney and I could only bring back one of them, its going to be the Disney thing! Therefore I think it’d be easier for us both to one of these mini power banks as apparently they’re only the size of a lipstick, and hardly weight anything!
  5. Halford’s puncture repair kit. As a manual wheelchair user, this is a must! So this is definitely not just on my wishlist, its on ‘get one or regret it list!’. You can’t go travelling without a repair kit if you have a wheelchair, getting a puncture near home is bad enough let alone in a strange city!

These are just a few of the things I’m ‘wishing’ for for my upcoming trip in June!

Speak to you soon,

Jenny xx


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