How ‘My Disney Experience’ has helped anxiety!- Review

As you may or may not know, in June (2016) me and my boyfriend are jetting off to Orlando for a 1 week holiday at Disney World and I am beyond excited but also utterly terrified. This will be my first trip abroad since I was 13, my first ever time outside of Europe, and my first trip on a plane since being in a wheelchair so my anxiety levels are pretty high and have been since we booked it last year!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 23.42.47

I understand that there must be hundreds of ‘My Disney Experience’ reviews out there but I felt I needed to address how good it is for anxiety and other mental or physical health issues that might prevent you from talking to someone over the phone when it comes to booking things that are extremely important to your trip.

If you know anything about booking a Disney world trip you’ll know that once you’ve booked whether it be online/over the phone/ or at a travel agents you get access to the ‘My Disney Experience’ part on the Walt Disney World page (introduced in 2013) and the app. Both of these are fantastic and have made planning for this trip sooo much easier because i’m not having to psych myself up for 3 days before I ring up Disney to book an ADR or Fastpass+, I can do them both through the site/app without having to talk to anyone! Now obviously this is fantastic if you suffer from phone/stranger related anxiety because not once do you have to worry about speaking to people you don’t know, but its also great if you don’t have anxiety because its so simple and allows you to change things whenever YOU want without feeling like you’re being a bit of a nuisance. Just a word of warning if you want ADR at Cinderella’s Royal Table then you do have to phone up to make those bookings as you aren’t able to do them online!

Selecting ADR and Fastpass+ is pretty much the same system in terms of you select your party (you and who ever else you want the ADR/FP for), selecting a date and a park(or resort/disney springs for ADR), and then the time of day you want; the only difference is that for FP you have to pick a park before you can even look at the FP’s which makes sense as you can only use your 3 daily ones in 1 park each day, unlike ADR where you can eat as many times as you can a day wherever you bloody well please!

On the left is the Fastpass+ system and on the right is the ADR system.

I like both the website and app versions but for different reasons. The website is good for doing everything and its a bit more visually pleasing than the app, i.e. with the pictures for the fastpasses, but I also really like how the app hasn’t included the pictures as I feel it would make the pages and indeed the whole app a bit crowded when I feel the whole point of the app is to be straight to the point.

On the left is how plans look in the app and on the right is how they look on the website.

I find that the website is a little bit easier to use than the app and a bit less temperamental when it comes to using it for a prolonged period of time (i.e if you were to do all your Fastpasses on it when they go live at 12am Florida time/ 5am UK time) therefore I find myself on the website more often however the app is great for checking when extra magic hours are, looking over your plans for a certain day or just checking times and locations of character  meet and greets! I’ll review the system again once I get back to see how useful it was while I was there.

I honestly can’t thank Disney enough for introducing the system, its taken away so much stress and anxiety ridden thoughts about not being able to get the ADR and FP I wanted without having to talk to anyone; if it wasn’t for this system I think I would be a lot my nervous about this trip than I already am, and for that I thank Disney.

As I said before I’ll review My Disney Experience again once I get back to see if I still feel the same and how the app actually works in the parks/resorts.
I hope that this review(can you call it a review?) has been helpful and has put at least someone at ease when it comes to booking ADR and Fastpasses.

Speak to ya soon,

Jenny xx



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