10 Things that make me happy

10 Things that have made me happy! #1

10 things that make me happy

  1. My boyfriend getting close to finishing his degree. He’s just got a high 2:1 in one of his last assignments which I am so happy for him about, but its seeing him so proud of himself that has genuinely made me really happy.
  2. Alcoholic cloudy lemonade. I don’t normal like drinking alcohol, but this doesn’t taste like alcohol at all, which is great because it means that I can feel included when others are drinking but I no longer have to make 1 drink last the whole night because I don’t like the taste!
  3. Its less than 3 weeks until Disney on Ice. Yes I’m 21. Do I care? NO.
  4. Netflix. Now I know that Netflix makes most people happy but I’ve had quite a few anxiety ridden days where all I’ve wanted to do is lay in bed and ignore the world, well Netflix has become my saviour for those days; especially because the Twilight Saga is on there now, its been like a past from the past!
  5. Buying my mum, dad, and brothers birthday cards. I loved having the ability to customise them using MoonPig.com, especially being able to use all the embarrassing pictures I’ve had stored away that they had forgotten about!
  6. Booking the Fastpasses for my Disney World holiday coming up in June!!! Okay yes, I didn’t manage to get one for Anna & Elsa which I’m slightly gutted about (thank god for PM Extra Magic Hours) but I managed to get a 9am one for Kilimanjaro Safari! It’s the final bit of planning we have to do for Disney World which has made it feel all that more real, I NOW CANNOT WAIT!
  7. Caramel Marshmallow Fluff. I found it in B&M for £1.29, and its like spreading heaven on my toast.
  8. Going on walks/rolls with my dog, Chester, and seeing him so happy to me outside! (before anyone says anything, yes he goes out everyday, but now the weather is nicer he can go for longer walks and just generally be outside more)
  9. My Macbook Pro. I bought it about 3 weeks ago (with all my own money before anyone things I’m spoilt etc.) after my iPad kind of died after a long 4 year life, and honestly I love having a laptop again so much! Mainly because i’m lazy and can’t be bothered to hold an iPad up while watching Netflix (true 1st world problems!), but also because its allowed me to start this blog!
  10. Talking of this blog, this blog has truly made me happy! Yes, its obviously only very small at the moment, but I’m writing this as an extension of my life; I hope one day that I’ll look back on this blog and feel proud of myself for having the courage to put myself out there.

These are just 10 of the things at the moment that are making me happy at the moment, there are so many more I just picked the ones that stuck out to me the most. This will hopefully become a new series that i’ll update once a month or so, say you’ll stick around for more?

Speak to ya soon,

Jenny xx


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