Ed’s Easy Diner – Gluten free review!

Earlier this year me and Stuart found ourselves in London on Valentines day  looking for somewhere to eat that wasn’t too expensive but was also gluten free, as I suffer from coeliac disease so gluten and wheat are a NO GO. We ended up walking through Euston station after having been to King’s Cross station, when we stumbled upon Ed’s Easy Diner and thought we’d give it a look  as we were starving by this point & it looked like somewhere we were going to like! Since then we’ve been to our local Ed’s about 5 times (I’m aware its only been about 2 months but we like food okay!) and I thought their gluten free menu deserved a review because it honestly has the best gluten free menu i’ve ever come across. To make things even better Ed’s have an official gluten free accreditation from Coeliac UK so there is no need to worry that its potentially one of those places that say they’re gluten free when in fact they probably don’t even know what it means!

On the left is a picture of the gluten free menu, on the right is a close-up of the burger section because clearly i’m incapable of taking a picture!

I love the fact that 85% of the items that are on the regular menu are included on the gluten free menu, for once I didn’t have to have a side salad when all I really wanted was burger and chips but the salad was all that was gluten free. Along with the traditional burgers and hotdogs, they also do chicken burgers and other dishes such as chicken salad, a pulled pork bun, and a bowl of chilli which includes a gluten free bun on the side.

Unlike a lot of places that offer a gluten free menu the thing I love about Ed’s is that all the  burgers and hot dogs all come on a gluten free bun so I never once have felt like i’m missing out, and I can confirm the buns are actually very nice and not dry, crumbly, or hard like some gluten free buns i’ve had!

On my last visit I decided to go for a hotdog as normally I go for the burger, and chose the Chilli Dog which is a hotdog covered in chilli con carne for £6.95 and there is the opportunity to add cheese sauce for an extra £1 which I decided this time not to go for as as you’ll see in a minute I decided to go for the famous cheesy fries so didn’t need more cheese! The hotdog was pretty big (about the size of a dinner plate in length) and the sausage itself was your standard hotdog sausage so nothing to shout home about but its nice for it to taste ‘normal’; The chilli that was on the top was actually really nice, if you like heat and spice when it comes to chilli you’ll be disappointed because this is just not that type of chilli as it tastes like the typical America/ Tex-Mex but it was actually really flavoursome and not bland like some chilli’s I have tasted.


The gluten-free chilli hotdog

To accompany my hotdog I decided to go for the ‘Famous Cheesy fries’, these are also gluten free, which is a change for me as normally I go for just the standard classic fries but this time I felt like mixing things up a bit. Now the portions of fries both me and Stuart always get is HUGE, you could easily share one portion between 2 people if you were both having a burger/hotdog and not feel like you want more (unless you’re like me and stuart and LOVE food, then i’d recommend a portion each haha). The ‘ Famous Cheesy fries’ are the classic fries with an American cheese on the top, which for me is just amazing as I LOVE fake American cheese, however if you don’t like that ‘fake’ cheese taste then maybe stay away from these as they were covered in the cheese and it had melted down to the bottom so they were all covered in it (seriously, it was heaven in a bowl!).


The famous cheesy fries

On this visit we decided to go all out and get a dessert as Stuart was dying to try the waffles (pictures to follow, although they aren’t gluten free, sad face!) and I wanted to have the sundae that I’d had before and loved! The gluten free dessert menu has 3 items on it, if you count the milkshakes that I really want to try then there are many more, which include the Pure Vanilla (2 scoops of vanilla ice cream), double berry sundae (vanilla ice cream, strawberries,blueberries, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream), and the brownie points (brownie with vanilla ice cream and Hershey’s chocolate sauce). I’m yet to try the brownie as they never seem to have any left at my local restaurant, so I went for the double berry sundae as its got fruit in so its not all bad right?


The double berry sundae

Now as promised, here is a picture of Stuart’s waffles which he said tasted incredible! They did smell amazing though, and now we both want to get plenty of Hershey’s chocolate sauce when we go to America.

The Waffles (NOT GLUTEN FREE!)

I hope that this review was helpful, and I can’t wait to go back again as I love me some food!

Speak to you soon,
Jenny xx


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