Where I’m eating at Disney World!

I can now officially say that in 40 days me and Stuart will be on own way to Walt Disney World in Orlando for a week and to say I’m excited would be an understatement! When we booked in October 2015 the ‘free quick-service dining and $100 gift card’ offer was on so we decided to go to take advantage of this offer as it will allow us to experience a lot of the quick service restaurants which lets be fair we’ll probably be eating at most of the time considering we’re only there for one week so there’s not much time for sitting down to eat (although I do that all of the time lol)! Despite this we have booked 5 sit down meals for throughout our trip which I think is a good amount  and will still allow us to use all of our QS dining credits.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 14.40.50

I’ll go day by day to make it easier so here we go:

Tuesday June 14th: We don’t have any sit down meals for this day as its our travel day and probably won’t get to our resort until about 6/7pm so we’re just going to head to Disney Springs to collect our gift card and probably go to the Earl of Sandwich.

Wednesday June 15th: WE’RE HAVING BREAKFAST AT BE OUR GUEST!!! Okay so I’m a little bit excited about this but what a way to start the day! Now breakfast and lunch at Be our Guest are actually quick service meals so thats great as it allows us to use the dining plan and i’ve heard the food is INCREDIBLE so its a perfect way to use a dining credit! Our reservation is at 8:35am so it means that we also get to go into the park before it opens which also excites me way to much!

Be Our Guest restaurant (taken from Google Images)

Thursday June 16th: We’re at Epcot this day so we’ll be using a lot of our snack credits and quick service credits at the world showcase, however we our going to Beaches and Cream Soda shop for ice cream sundaes at 3:00pm so we’ll just be nipping off to the Beach club Resort as we’re going round the world showcase so we’ll have to try not to fill ourselves up too much!

Friday June 17th: In the morning we’re off to Disney Springs so we’ll probably get breakfast from the Pepper Market at our resort (Coronado Springs) before heading out. In the afternoon we’re off to Hollywood Studios as theres PM extra magic hours until 11pm so we’ll have plenty of time to do the stuff we want to do which is basically all the Star Wars stuff! We are going to be eating at the Sci-Fi Dine-in theater at 5:45pm for Diner and boy is Stuart excited about this place! Whenever I say i’m really excited he always goes “Yeah Star Wars and the Sci-fi diner are going to be SOOOOO COOOL!”.

Sci-fi Dine-in Theater (taken from Google Images)

Saturday June 18th: We shall be spending the whole day at Animal Kingdom and to be honest I think I’m more excited about our food options here than Stuart is due to the fact that he is quite a fussy eater and does not like foreign food so thats why we’re eating at the Rain Forest Café at 6:00pm as to allow Stuart to have a really nice meal that I know he’s going to enjoy!

Sunday June 19th: We actually going to Universal Studios this day so we’ll end up eating in the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter probably. We aim to be back at our Resort for about 6/7pm so we’ll be off to a park or Disney Springs that night were we’ll get burger and something.

Monday June 20th: We’re going to the Florida Mall and Walmart this day and Stuart really wants an American McDonalds so thats what we’ll have for lunch/diner that day. We do have a breakfast reservation at Ohana’s for breakfast at 8:25am as well but I don’t  know if we’ll cancel it or not so we’ll have to see.

Tuesday June 21st: This is our going home day (sad face!) so we don’t have any reservations for this day and any quick service credits we have left we’ll use for snack credits to bring presents home.

Now this can all change obviously but I think that this is our final plan as I was not getting up at 5am 140 days ago for nothing!

Speak to you soon,

Jenny xx


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