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REVIEW- WhereSeamsComeTrue hair bows

Before I get started I’d just like to say that this post isn’t sponsored, I bought all of these hair bows with my own money because I genuinely liked them; all thoughts and comments on these bows are my own and are entirely honest.

Now we’ve got that out of the way we can start with the exciting stuff, the HAIR BOWS!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 14.14.32
WhereSeamsComeTrue Easy page

I first heard of WhereSeamsComeTrue back in September 2015 when Youtuber Ellie Steadman featured a Belle bow from the company in one of her videos and thought I’d look into it to see what it was all about as I really liked the bow Ellie had. Back in September this company, which is run by a lovely girl named Hollie, was quite small but had a good selection of Disney inspired hair bows so as I had just booked my Disney World trip I thought what better excuse could I have to buy a selection to try out and keep for my holiday; since then i’ve bought about 9 hair bows for a week long holiday, DON’T JUDGE ME!

All of my bows minus the Elsa one as I didn’t have it on me at the time

As I previously said WhereSeamsComeTrue is a small company based in the UK and set up by a lovely girl named Hollie in August 2015. The range of bows has expanded greatly since then and there is now a lot of really cool character bows such as Baymax, Donald duck, Daisy Duck, Mulan, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and the list goes on as well as custom orders which she is more than happy to do. There are 2 sizing options, mini and standard; mini come with a hair clip attached and standard come with a black hair bobble/tie attached. She also ships internationally as well which is fantastic for people living outside of the UK. Hollie’s main reason for starting up this shop is help her to save up to take her family back to Disney World, which if the cute bows weren’t good enough reason to buy then surely that is!

My collection so far consists of Mickey Mouse, Anna, Elsa, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Prince Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Jafar, and Genie, and I already know that I’ll end up buying a lot more after I’ve been to Disney because they’re just so cute, and its also another reason to go back to Disney so I can show off the bows, right?


The quality of these bows is fantastic, you can tell a lot time and effort goes into making these bows as never has there been an issue with the quality of any of the bows I’ve purchased and I’m certain there never will be. The attention to detail is lovely as well, a lot of thought has gone into designing the bows and its really paid off because every bow captures the look and design of each character perfectly.

Currently, WhereSeamsComeTrue only has the Aladdin and Jasmine multipack, Jafar, and Genie hair bows available as Hollie has her exams so is obviously concentrating on that rather than have the added stress of the shop too (understandable!); its also to celebrate the fact that Hollie is going to see Aladdin in London this month (which I’m very jealous about!) The shop is going to fully reopen in June and then all the different character bows will be back on the shop.


This might seem like a random post thats come out of no where and it is, but I felt like this company needed to be raved about because not only do I love the bows but I love the reasoning behind setting it up as who wouldn’t want to take their family to Disney World?!

See you soon,
Jenny xx


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