Walt Disney World travel documents – Whats included?

As the days countdown, the more and more excited we get about our Disney trip and we’ve got hardly anything left to do in terms of planning which excites me immensely! To get me even more excited, our travel documents arrived today!!!!

Now I’m quite a nosey person but I also suffer from anxiety so knowing exactly what to expect and what I was going to receive in terms of travel documents was VERY important to me, however could I find out? Nope. I must have spent endless days googling different versions of the same sentence, “whats in your disney world travel documents?”, to not find anything or If I did it was what US residents receive which isn’t useful as they get their magic bands delivered and in the UK we don’t.

To hopefully help other people wanting to know whats included, lets get started!

When your travel documents arrive they look like this (minus the Minnie, she’s mine!):


Now they do arrive in a white envelope so if the trip is a surprise and the person you’re surprising lives with you then they won’t know what it is without opening that envelope which I think is a great touch, especially if you’re trying to surprise kids!

Inside the blue, amazing, magical, Disney envelope you get several things:
1. The Little Big book of vouchers
2. The Little book of Magic
3. Booking confirmation which has your gift card voucher if you book during the free gift voucher period
4. Disney Life coupon for 1 month free and 3 months half price


The Little book of magic is honestly such a handy little book! Its got fold-out maps of each of the 6 parks and of Disney Springs alongside a tick list which can be used as like a bucket list or a list of things you’ve done so you can keep track what you have and haven’t done. It also has a section about the dining plans, the value, moderate, deluxe, and deluxe villas resorts, and a small section on the Disney cruise line.


The Little Big Book of Vouchers includes vouchers for places and experiences such as Basin, House of Blues, Epcot tours, Magic Kingdom tours, Spitsville, character ballon rides, and many more! I think I’m most excited to use the Basin one as its for 10% off and i’ve seen so many things online that I really want so i’ll be using that for sure!

I had read that Disney usually send out your travel documents at around 3/4 weeks before your holiday so we’ve actually received ours  a week early than I was expecting as its only 5 weeks until we go, but i’m not complaining because its one less thing I have to worry about not turning up haha. As well as this I’ve seen some people receive luggage tags which I really wanted because they’re so cute but I don’t know if they’re only if you book your flights with Disney as well which I didn’t do.

I hope to be doing more Disney related posts in the upcoming future in preparation for our Disney trip!!

See you real soon,

Jenny xxx


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