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Disney on Ice Sliver Anniversary- REVIEW

First of all, ITS 4 WEEKS UNTIL DISNEY WORLD!! Secondly, now we’ve got that out of the way we can start this post which I am very excited to blog about because its Disney so its going to be magical!(hopefully…) Also its going to be a long one so I’d recommend a drink and a couple of snacks to keep you going.

On May 14th, me and Stuart went on date night to see Disney on Ice Silver Anniversary and it was incredible! Stuart bought me these tickets for Christmas last year for multiple reasons; 1. he’s a top notch boyfriend and loves Disney nearly as much as me, 2. I told him i’d cry if I didn’t get tickets as I’ve wanted to go since FOREVER, and 3. It was going to be a halfway mark for us on the countdown to Disney World as we were originally going in November for the beginning of the Christmas season (we changed dates for many, many reasons) so it was going to make the 15 month wait a bit easier. However obviously we’re now going to Disney in June and Disney on Ice fell exactly 1 month before we go so this show just made me 1200000000% more excited which I didn’t think was possible, haha.

The Show was at the Motorpoint arena Nottingham, we went to the 7:00pm showing to coincide with date night and got to the arena for about 5:40pm as doors opened at 6pm and I knew there was some merchandise I wanted and as it was a Saturday night I knew it would be very busy (it was) so didn’t want to get stuck it a huge queue. As with most things Disney, the merchandise was expensive and quite a lot of it you could get at the Disney store for a little bit cheaper so heads up if  you’re going to a show soon! That being said Staurt did buy us both a Frozen themed cup that was filled with ice chips and coloured syrup (like a snow cone) and they were £10 each, a programme which was £8 and a box of popcorn which was £3.50 which I am very grateful for, he knows that I appreciate everything he buys me and that he treated me like a princess (he does anyway but I felt like his Disney princess this particular night). Now you can also buy things like Minnie ears, a bag of candy floss that includes a ‘free’ Olaf hat or crown ( I say ‘free’, you’re basically paying for the crown/hat and getting free candy floss as they’re £10 each!!!!!), a bag of popcorn, flags, light up toys, etc… but we’re trying to save our money for Disney World so thats why we didn’t get too much.


On to the actually show itself! It starts with ‘Its a small world’ and theres two dancers for each of the various countries (I think there was about 10 countries in total but don’t hold me to that!) that wear clothing traditionally representative of their country in the colours blue and silver. This part was a really cool bit actually that I was wasn’t expecting which explains why I didn’t get any pictures of this bit (my bad…)! It was quite a short section, maybe 3/5 mins, but it helps to introduce Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy(fab five) as this shows is all about them travelling to different places in the world which is why its not all princesses, or primarily just the fab five. The 4 films (places) include The Lion King and the African Savanna, Peter Pan and London/ Neverland, The Little Mermaid and under the sea, & Frozen and Arendelle.

After the Fab five (which i’m pretty sure didn’t used to include Daisy and was Pluto instead…) have introduced where they’re going thats when that part of the show starts. The Lion King was first and this was narrated/ lead by Rafiki which was nice to see as I feel like he’s such a cool character. The ice skaters for Simba and Nala were incredible! Some of the moves and tricks they were doing were amazing, so if you’re worried that Disney on Ice is just going to be characters skating around the rink then don’t be as the skaters were amazing and mesmerising in fact. This part of the show was pretty short, between 7/10 minutes as it was purely song and dance instead of acting as well which was seen in Peter Pan and Frozen; now this didn’t bother me as they danced to ‘I just can’t wait to be king’, ‘Hakuna Matata’, and ‘Can you feel the love tonight?’ and it was all just very very magical!

Disney On Ice20160514_191358

Next up was Peter Pan, which honestly was a lot better than I thought it was going to be as I’ve got to say I’m not the biggest fan of the film ( I don’t hate it, its a good disney film, just not in my top 10. Please don’t hate me!) so I didn’t know how they’d portray it on ice as lets be fair  they do a lot of flying so I had no clue how they were going to do that! However they did and they pulled it off really well. Stuart was a big fan of the props they used, especially Captain Hooks ship and the giant crocodile at the end (spoilers…) and I have to agree with him, they did a really good job at incorporating some really cool props!


Disney On Ice20160514_192320

After a short interval (15/20 mins) Mickey and the Gang come back out to talk about heading off to the ocean and going to under the sea; this is where we meet Ariel and the Little Mermaid.

Just like the Lion King, the Little Mermaid was quite a short bit as well and I feel like maybe they could of made one of the other sections (Peter Pan?) a bit shorter just so that the Little Mermaid could have a bit more time because this was my favourite act/section and I would have loved to have seen a bit more of it; however just because it was short doesn’t been it was bad, by no means was it bad! The part where they sang ‘Under the Sea’ was amazing. They had so many skaters as all different sea creatures that it just made it so magical and a real portrayal of the film which is what I loved! Also they had a small submarine which they put 4 kids from the front row into and pushed & pulled them around the rink while ‘Under the Sea’ was happening which is honestly the cutest thing ever!

Now the skater who played Ursula was AMAZING. How they managed to skate in that massive costume I do not know, but they did and they were incredible!

The ‘Kiss the Girl’ scene with Ariel and Prince Eric was beautiful, and you could see everyone who was sat around us just mesmerised by the skaters as they just captured the moment beautifully.

Finally, the part I think every child/adult in the arena was most excited about was FROZEN! As with Peter Pan, Frozen was the longer section of the second part of the show as it was about 15/20 mins long and it didn’t disappoint!

When Elsa started singing ‘Let it Go’ the whole arena irrupted into song and I feel like that was one of the most magical moments in the whole show as you could feel all the excitement from everyone and you could sing as loud as you liked and no one could hear you as everyone else was singing as well. We have A LOT of pictures of the Frozen section (Anna is Stuarts favourite Disney character ever!) so its been quite difficult picking just a couple, so if its very photo happy, my bad!

Disney On Ice20160514_205307Disney On Ice20160514_205310(0)Disney On Ice20160514_204156

Disney On Ice20160514_204504

Once Frozen was finished, Mickey and the gang came back out in their ‘original’ outfits along with the main characters from all 4 sections to sing and dance to Let it Go which really was very magical and it just made me so very happy that I was there with my favourite person (sorry, its late and I’m soppy!) and so incredibly excited for Disney World.

Disney On Ice20160514_205518Disney On Ice20160514_205440

In November there is a Disney on Ice Frozen which looks AMAZING! so I’m really hoping to go to that and maybe take me nephew for his 6th birthday as he loves Frozen and Olaf.
I hope you liked this post, sorry it was so long! If you got to the end, I congratulate you and you deserve a medal… and more snacks…

See you real soon,

Jenny xx



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