10 Things that make me happy

10 Things that have made me happy! #2

First off, Im sorry its a day late! I was just having a really nice time enjoying a late meal for Stuarts birthday so I forgot to schedule this post, MY BAD! However, 3 Weeks today me and Stuart will be on our way to Orlando! Honestly I have only ever been this excited once and that was on mine and Stuart’s 1st date, so you could say I’m pretty excited!

As I said at the end of my 1st post in this series, I would be doing 1 once a month or so, and I’ve been very happy lately so I had no difficulties in thinking of 10 things that had made me happy.

happy 2

1. Stuart finishing his degree. He has worked so incredibly hard to get where he is now, to be in the position where he can say he’s done a university degree and he’s now able to go out into the world of IT & computers with the qualifications he needs to get his dream job so we can have the life we want for us now and for the future. I can’t express how proud I am of him enough, it makes my heart burst!

2. Getting a Fastpass+ for ‘Frozen Ever After’ at Disney World, Epcot! It opens on our very last day so I didn’t think we’d be able to get a Fastpass+ for it being as that would be opening day and the busiest day; however I just thought I’d have a look and see if there was any left and there was one for 12:40pm!! I mean, as soon as we’re done on the ride we’ll have to go straight back to our hotel for the magical express but it’ll be worth it to be able to actually ride it and to say we did it on opening day will be pretty cool.

3. The little glimpse of summer. Towards the beginning of May in the UK we had about 4/5 days were it was pretty hot for us (between 24’C and 28’C) and it was just so lovely to be able to sit outside with the sun beating down on my skin. It was also so nice to see Chester to be outside playing in the sun, he loves it outside so much and it just makes me want to squeeze him as he is so cute.

4. Disney on Ice! I’ve written a whole blog post on it because it was so magical, but this made me feel so happy and content with my life that I actually cried when Minnie and Mickey first came out. I think it was a mixture of finally being there as we’d waiting for what seemed like forever for it and the fact that I was sharing my love for Disney with Stuart who every time I looked at him he was grinning from ear to ear with happiness.

5. Tarzan. I’ve always loved Tarzan and have done ever since I was 6/7 when I watched it for the 1st time on VHS while on my 1st over night school trip, but recently I’ve kind of gone a bit Tarzan mad as I’ve watched it about 7 times in the past 3 weeks, bought the album (which if you don’t own, just go buy it. You’ll thank me.) and I now really really want to meet him at Animal Kingdom. I just think its such as good story and the music is absolutely stunning, I could listen to it all day.

6. Buying mini toiletries for Disney World. You might be thinking “what the bloody hell is making this crazy lady happy about toiletries?!”, well let me tell you, I’ve not been on a holiday where I’ve needed tiny toiletries for ages so now that I need them they excites me immensely! Also, they’re just so cute because they’re so small!

7. My 2 best friends. Obviously they always make me happy, otherwise they’d be pretty shit best friends, but recently I’ve just felt really happy to have them as my best friends. Especially as they’ve both recently got new/first jobs which makes me especially proud of them, and we’ve had a lot of gossip sessions lately and gossip makes me happy! ( A & V, love you long time!)

8. The Harry Potter audiobooks. I recently signed up to Audible for the free book with he intention of cancelling but for £7.99 a month, its the cheapest way of getting the Harry Potter audiobooks as they’re normally around £20 each! They relax me so much and help to block out the hallucinations, which is always a bonus! I’m hoping to listen to them on the plane as I think they’ll really help me to nap.

9. Baking. Now i’m by no means near being an expert baker, but I do love baking! I’ve recently baked Stuart’s birthday cake and I honestly enjoyed baking it so much, given the chance I would bake all day and I think Stuart and my family wouldn’t try to stop me either haha!

10. Youtube. Obviously this makes me happy all the time but because its so close to Disney, watching Youtuber’s like Ellie, Tom and Sophie, KrispySmore, DisneyAtHeart etc.. vlogs from Florida make me so happy and excited I could cry! I have intentions of vlogging our trip for everyone to see but also so I can sit back and watch how perfect our holiday was (we’ve not been yet but I know its going to be perfect!).

To think that in my next on of these I will have been to Disney World excites me because its so close but also makes me so sad because it means my holiday will be over; however it’ll mean I’ll have so many things to be happy about lol!

See you real soon,

Jenny xxx


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