5 Reasons why Disney helps anxiety!

If you’ve read my other posts, my ‘about me’ page, or even seen from my blog name, you’ll know that I’m a pretty big Disney fan (very big would be more accurate probably!) and I always have been ever since I was younger; my love for Disney has grown somewhat since I’ve met Stuart mainly due to the fact that I was able to share my love of it with someone else.

Since I became paralysed in November 2014 my  anxiety has greatly increased and one of the way’s I’ve learnt to cope with it DISNEY! The films, the music, the sense of community you get from speaking to other Disney lovers, and obviously the parks (2 and 1/2 weeks to go guys, just saying!) all make it something I rely on to help me when anxiety strikes.

Here are 5 reasons why Disney has helped with my anxiety:

1. Its always a happy ending. Throughout my life and throughout everyones life not everything has a happy ending, and when my anxiety is at its highest all I seem to be able to think about is everything ending badly so watching my favourite Disney film always seems to help to make me see that not everything ends badly. As well as this is  just genuinely helps to make me forget about my worries as I get caught up is the magicalness (yeah, I made that word up…)


2. The people I’ve met through the Disney community. I post almost daily on Instagram and Twitter with usually Disney themed posts, and through doing this I’ve met some genuinely lovely people who always like and comment on my posts; this has honestly helped me to realise that I am actually likeable and people do want to be my friend, which is something that tends to make me very anxious and paranoid.

My Instagram account

3. Stuart shares the same love as me. If Stuart didn’t share my love of Disney out relationship would have been very different and I honestly think my anxiety levels would have been a lot higher because a lot of my life is to so with Disney and if he didn’t like it, it would have probably got very annoying for him a long, long time ago. By Stuart loving too, it means that I always have someone to talk to about it and someone who is willing to go to the parks with me as I would hate to drag him to Florida or Paris just for him to be bored and sulk.

Me and Stuart at Disney on Ice

4. Familiarity. When your watching a Disney film or listening to the soundtracks, you always know how its going to end which is GREAT for my anxiety; I don’t have to panic myself trying to figure out how its going to end because I already know how its going to end and if its a new Disney film, I know its going to have a good ending because its Disney!

the end

5. The morals and lessons you learn from the films. When I was younger the lessons I learnt from the films where to always be kind, be brave, that girls can do exactly what the boys can do, never judge a book by its cover, etc… But now that I’m older, I’m still living by the lessons and morals, however I’m still learning from the films! Rapunzel has taught me to always follow my dreams, Aladdin and Beauty & the beast have taught me that it doesn’t matter where a person comes from or what they look like, its what is on the inside the counts, and Inside Out has taught me that its okay to be sad or angry or Disgusted because sometimes you need to feel those emotion to allow yourself to be happy.

I could have gone on and on and on about how much Disney has helped me but I think you’d get pretty bored with that so I’ll stop now.

(All picture without captions were taken from Google Images and are not my own.)

Speak to you soon,

Jenny xx


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