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Disney World Wishlist!

Its 11 days now until me and Stuart start our holiday to Florida so I thought now would be a good time to do this post as trust me, I feel like I’ve watched every haul video and I look constantly on the US Disney store to see what march they have (although I’m very aware there is SOOOOO much more than I could ever see online!).

Now this is just a few of the items I’ve seen that I really really really want and I’ll be making sure I get them!

  1. Yoda Stitch. Look at how cute he is!! I don’t own a Stitch and I love Star Wars so this is a great combination for me!
  2. Alex and Ani bracelet (WDW). I’ve loved these bracelets ever since I first saw them last year and I really want this one as it summarises our whole trip instead of having to get one for each park. (This is still a possibility… )
  3. 2016 Walt Disney World backpack. I own the Van’s Disney Princess backpack but I just really really want this one so I can see me buying this on the first day and not using the Van’s one.
  4. Goofy cap. Look at it, Look at how cute it is! Goofy is my favourite ‘fab five’ character and this hat is great, I don’t care how stupid I’ll look because I’ll be at Disney so it doesn’t matter!
  5. Mickey Mouse ear hat. I feel like this is a staple piece when you go to Disney, so I’ll be making sure to get me and Stuart one and getting our names embroidered on to the back just to add that extra personal touch.
  6. An autograph book. Obviously I don’t know which one I want for certain as I’ll decide that once we get there but I feel like meeting characters will be a big part of our trip so this will be a great keepsake to keep.
  7. Mickey and Minnie Icon pin set. Me and Stuart both want to start collecting pins when we’re over there and I’ve seen this design on a t-shirt before so I think this’ll be good for us to get so we can split it.
  8. Made with Magic ear hat. If you YouTube this you’ll see how cool and magical they look, and the fact that they will sync to California’s and Paris’s fireworks as well is amazing as I have plans to go to both!
  9. 2016 Independence day Minnie and Mickey. No I’m not American, nor am I going to Florida for July 4th however they are so cute and I just like the idea of having a part of July 4th (if you get what I mean).
  10. BB-8 souvenir cup. I understand these are VERY hard to come by unless you get them first thing in the morning however we’re going to Hollywood Studios for the afternoon/evening/PM extra magic hours so if we get one I’ll be VERY lucky!


I hope this has been fun to read; I hope to do a haul of my own when I get back some can see if I managed to find all the things I wanted!

Speak to you soon!

Jenny xx


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