The longest week of my life!

First off I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve just been so busy packing and getting things ready for Disney that when I have sat down to write, I’ve not known what to write because I just have so much to write about!

I can’t believe that tomorrow (June 13th) we’ll be on our way to Gatwick Airport and in 48 hours we’ll be at Disney! I just can’t cope with the excitement. Me and Stuart have both waited for what seems like FOREVER for this holiday and to say that this time next week are holiday will nearly be over makes me feel sick so I’m trying not to think about that yet, its just too much for me to deal with yet.

IMG_1505 2
Not my picture, found it on Google Images!

Now as the title suggests, this has been the longest week of my life (so far). It has dragged on so much, no matter what I did to try and pass the time, it just seemed to take forever to get to where we are now; I’ve made Mouse Keeping wallets for tips, I’ve coloured a ridiculous amount of adult colouring books, I’ve packed and re-packed our case about 10 times, I’ve researched all the restaurants we want eat at for gluten-free options, I’ve watched what seems like hundreds for Disney World vlogs, but this week just seems to have gone soooooo slow.

I understand that next week while we’re there, it’ll go so quick, but its going to be filled with so many memories and happiness I just can’t wait!

Now obviously, I won’t be blogging next week or probably the week after that because we get back on the Wednesday and I think I’ll just sleep until Friday (I’m not even lying, It could legit happen!). However, once I’ve finished being Sleeping Beauty I will be back to show and tell you all about our trip, all of which I’m very excited to do!

See ya real soon!

Jenny xx


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