Life update- WDW, Relationship upgrade, new puppy, etc!


Firstly, I’m so sorry that I’ve not written a post in about 3 month. I just needed a break and to be honest I didn’t really know what to put because it was a holiday of a life time and I just didn’t know how to explain it!

As you obviously know, me and Stuart went to Walt Disney World for 8 days on June 14th and I can honestly say its the happiest either of us have ever been in our entire lives! I’m going to do separate posts about different aspects of our holiday so I’ll just give you a quick explanation of how amazing it was! Many people have asked me ‘why did you go all that way, for only 8 days?’ and the plain & simple answer is, because of Stuart. Now I’m not saying he’s a tool and only let me go for 8 days but because I honestly didn’t know if he was going to enjoy it and would have hated to put him through a 2 week Disney filled holiday if he was going to hate it. We now however know that Stuart LOVED IT, I don’t think there was a part he didn’t love, which is why we’re going back next year for 2 weeks in September and we CANNOT wait!

Secondly, as you may have seen by the title mine and Stuarts relationship had a slight upgrade. On our first full day in Florida, we headed to the Magic Kingdom and were having an amazing time just being in the magic (okay we were a bit grouchy but its HOT there so thats our excuse). We’d just had something to eat and were heading back to the main hub to have our picture taken with the partner’s statue before going to wait for the Main Street Electrical parade, when Stuart walked off ahead to talk to one of the photographers without me which I thought was a bit strange but didn’t think anything else of it. We had our picture taken in front of the partners & I was just about to go scan my magic band when Stuart swoops in front of me, gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring box, and goes “Jenny, will you marry me?”!! Obviously I SAID YES!

Honestly, I could never have imagined he’d do it where he did and to say that he’s normally  not that imaginative (not being horrible, just being truthful! Although WDW has changed that slightly) I’m still in a bit of shock about the whole thing! Heres some pictures showing how it all happened :




Wondering what on earth he was doing!


Saying yes!

Off the subject of WDW now, and onto the subject of our new puppy! Yes you did read that right, we got Chester a brother! His name is Kylo (yes like Kylo Ren), he’s a black & white Shih Tzu, and he’s currently 9 1/2 weeks old.

Chester is being amazing with Kylo, I mean at first he was soooo unimpressed and was well & truly sulking because he’s been used to being the only dog in the house so didn’t want to share his attention; however now they’re becoming inseparable! They chase each other, have barking matches, snuggle up together, play fight, share each others toys, etc.. and it just makes me and Stuart so happy knowing that they’re friends and don’t hate each other.

I won’t deny the fact that unlike Chester, getting Kylo was a bit of a rushed decision; however we don’t regret it for the world! About a month ago I found out that I just don’t ovulate, basically meaning that we can’t have children. I mean its not completely ruled out because I’m still waiting to see another gynaecologist who is hopefully going to find well and truly whats up so they might be able to help (IVF), but if not we’ve said we want to adopt. When I came out of the hospital, obviously we were both upset as its a lot to be told, so thats how Kylo was got! He’s made us both so happy, I won’t say that its not hard with a puppy because it is, but its no where near as hard as having a baby so see it as preparation for the future!

I think I’ll leave this post here for now, its already pretty long! In the next few days I’ll be posting more about WDW so look out for that.

Speak to you real soon,

Jenny xx


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