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My 2017 hopes and dreams!

First of, I well aware that its like half way through March but January and February don’t count to me as I’m so ridiculously unproductive during those months that well I never achieve a lot during them.

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Now as I’ve said, its half way through March and already 2017 is looking like a pretty hectic year so hopefully i’ll be able to achieve a fair few of these hopes & dreams I have for this year:

  1. I want to see more of the world. I head to New York in April with Stuart, and back to WDW in September with Stuart and his sister Chloé which is all very exciting so in that respect I am seeing more of the USA. I’m not good in non-english speaking countries because of my anxiety so maybe we’ll venture out of the UK & USA next year?
  2. I want to reach my Slimming World Target. I joined Slimming World in October of last year and have since lost 2st 2.5lbs (correct as of March 13th) which I am really proud about; I have about 4 stone to go but I feel its reachable by the end of the year. Ideally I’d like it by the time we go to WDW but I’m a slow and steady loser so I don’t know if thats reachable.
  3. I want to leave the house by myself. The last time I did this was November 13th 2014 so its something i’d really like to do, even if its just going to the newsagent! I want to be able to show anxiety that it doesn’t rule my life and show others that I’m not completely reliant on others (which I am in so many ways, but i’d like some sort of independence)
  4. I’d love for me and Stuart to move out this year. As much as I love living with Stuarts family, we’re slowly gathering waaaaaaay to much stuff to fit into a tiny room (mostly Disney, I won’t deny it… lol) so if we could move out it’d be great. I Also feel like its the right time for us, Stuarts got a really good job and I’ve taken over as our finical adviser so I feel like its doable which is nice, because I really don’t need any added pressure and stress haha.
  5. I really really want to start a YouTube Channel. Although its something I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing until we move out because I hate the thought of Stuart’s dad walking in on a video as he probably has no clue what YouTube is anyway lol. I mean I could do vlogs and thats something that I’m thinking about doing but I’d like to do sit down videos as well. I’d still want to keep my blog, and use it as like a diary and somewhere to vent?

Hopefully I get to achieve some of these goals this year, if not I’m only 22 so I have my whole future ahead of me; on that note, I’m also very aware of how suddenly your life can be taken away from you as me myself have been extremely close to experiencing it. So although I have the rest of my life to do these things, I know that I don’t have forever in this life to do them.


Until next time See ya real soon,

Jenny xxx


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