New York

New York April 2017 Plans & Itinerary!

I’m pretty sure I’ve not told you guys yet, but on April 14th me and Stuart are off to New York for 4 days and we’re so excited!


Not my photo, found oN Google Images

As with every trip we ever take it was an impulse decision that at the same time was very thought through, even though that makes no sense I assure you it works. We booked this trip in November 2016 because we wanted to have a weekend away by ourselves and we got such a good deal we couldn’t really say no. Now you might be thinking “but you’re going to Disney World in September, is that not enough time together on holiday?!”, simply put…. nope. When we go to Disney World stuart’s sister Chloé is coming with us and even though its going to be amazing to get to show her all the things we wanted to show her last year, I feel we’re entitled to some time alone in a City we’ve never been too before.

We booked through Virgin Holidays and managed to get a really good package deal so if you’re thinking of going, they might be a good shout to look at; heres the link

Now on with the plans! (This might be a long one, so get a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/ alcohol if you like and some snacks as you could be here a while….)

APRIL 14TH (Good Friday)

We’ve got a coach booked at 1:20am to take us to the airport for 4:55am so that should be fun…..But seriously, I want to say I’ll sleep but I just know that I won’t because I’ll be a mix of hyper, excited, and nervous so I’ll probably just be sat there listening to a mixture of Disney and Ed Sheeran rocking in my seat!

Our Flight leaves at 9:05am and we arrive in New York at 11:40am EDT.

We’re staying at the Westin New York Grand Central Hotel, which is apparently only a 10 minute walk from Times Square and from photos looks lovely.


Our hotel! Not my photo, found on Google Images.

Once we’ve checked in we’re probably going to go find somewhere to eat ( I think Stuart wants to go to a McDonalds as he wants to see how big they are) and go to Times Square for some sight seeing and obviously shopping!

I don’t think we’re doing anything in particular in the evening, other than maybe having a walk (roll) around to take in our surroundings.


No idea where we’re going to breakfast, we do want to check out iHop as we didn’t get to go there in Florida but I’m not sure if we’ll go on the saturday or sunday.

We’ve then got tickets to go to the 9/11 museum at 10:30am which we’re both really excited about going to see and being able to pay our respects. I expect we’ll stay here for a good few hours and then we’re off to the Staten Island Ferry to see the skylines (& because its free, I’m all about the free stuff haha).

We’ll probably get something to eat at Staten Island ferry port before getting the ferry back; I expect we’ll be back for about 4/5pm. We’ll probably go back to the hotel for  a bit before going out for something to eat at Juniors Cheesecake in Times Square as they do gluten free cheesecake, PRAISE THE GLUTEN FREE GODS!!


Not my photo, found of Google Images.


Yet again no idea were we’re going to eat for breakfast but I’m sure we’ll find somewhere we’ve liked the look of. This day is more of a chill day, as we’re going to get the subway/Uber over to Brooklyn so we can walk back along the bridge and get some really cool photos of the Manhattan Skyline.

After here we’ll probably do some shopping before heading to Central Park for a walk around and to take yet more photos! God knows how much shopping will be done this trip…. haha.

We were going to go to the Yankee’s game this night but we really don’t want to pay a lot of money to sit there for 4 hours bored as we’ve never watched a Baseball game before so don’t know if we’ll like it. I think we might be going up the Empire State building although we are still to book tickets for that yet.


This is our going home day unfortunately, boooooooo! Although, our flight doesn’t leave until 7pm so we don’t have to leave for the airport until about 2:30pm. Obviously we have no real plans for today other than last minute shopping and sight seeing but even with no plans it’ll still be a lovely day.

Our flight is due to get into London for 7:20am and we have a coach booked to take us back at 9:30am so we should be back for 1pm roughly. We’re both hoping not to be toooo jetlagged seeing as its only a 4 day trip so hopefully we’ll be not too sleepy so we can make sure we get a good nights rest.

Thank you for reading and I hope its not been too boring for you, I just wanted to let you know roughly what our plans are as I think Stuart is getting a bit bored of me going on about it lol.

See ya real soon,

Jenny xxx


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