My top 10 Walt Disney World rides and attractions!

With only 168 days until me, Stuart, and his sister Chloé go to Walt Disney World I thought I would share with you guys my favourite rides and attractions that I can’t wait to ride again!


I’m going to start with my 10th favourite and work my way to my favourite (so number 10 will be my favourite!):

  1. Test Track – This ride was the 1st ride we rode at Epcot and ever since I’ve loved it! I just really liked how you could design your own car and it becomes sort of like a competition between all the people in the car as to who’s going to have the most efficient, fast, etc.. car. I do however feel like that if it was remodelled to be a ‘Wreck it Ralph’ theme that it would be soooo cool; what I mean by this is the part in the film where Ralph and Vanellope design the car for Vanellope to race in could be used instead of the current car making process, IMAGINE HOW COOL THAT WOULD BE!!!
    Our Test Track ride photo
  2. Tower of Terror – Like a lot of people I have a love hate relationship with this ride. Once it starts dropping you and shooting you back up Im fine always come off loving it, however wait to go on it and the part before you get dropped scare the absolute crap out of me!

    Our Tower of Terror ride photo

  3. Big Thunder Mountain – I love this ride because of how it throws you around and because of the incredible views of the castle you can get. Also it makes me scream so loud that it makes Stuart almost cry laughing so therefore I love it even more. I do however wish you could get a ride photo from it because I swear every one of mine and Stuarts would have been hilarious.
  4. Carousel of Progress – Yes its not a ride, but it is an attraction. Now I didn’t think that I’d enjoy this because, well, from the outside it does look a bit boring. HOWEVER, I bloody loved it! I think the fact you can sit down in the air con & the dark and watch a show is great especially as it can be very overwhelming in the Magic Kingdom so its nice to have some down time. Also the song is really catchy which is a plus (or a downfall because it get stuck in your head).
  5. Kilimanjaro Safari – I think most people say this one but honestly I really enjoyed it. I loved how close you got to the animals and it made you feel like you had escaped the rustle and bustle of the park for a 15/30 mins.

    Some of our Safari pictures!

  6. Expedition Everest – You go backwards, theres a Yeti, and the drop is huge, what is there not to love?!

    Our Expedition Everest ride Photo!

  7. Haunted Mansion – I Won’t deny the fact that this ride did scare me the 1st time we went on it because I was scared someone was going to jump out at me lol. But I really really enjoyed it mainly because I was proud of myself for not crying about being scared; seriously though, its an awesome ride and yet again the song gets stuck in your head.
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean – I love how Disney even theme the smells of the rides to the rides, like this ride just smelt how I imagined Pirates of the Caribbean to smell with the sea salt and the musty hints (It sounds disgusting but it makes the rides even more immersive!). Also I just really loved this ride, the props and the effects were so good and the part with the dog and keys is too cute!
  9. Space Mountain – Like with Tower of Terror I have a love hate relationship with this ride. I love it when I get on it and the bit where you go through the tunnel & up the hill, and once I get off; however the rest scares the crap out of me and I feel like my head is going to get ripped off. This is Stuart’s favourite ride and seeing him so happy makes me happy which is why its so high up.

    Our Space Mountain ride photo!

  10. Finally, my favourite Ride at Walt Disney World is…… SPLAH MOUNTAIN! I bloody love this ride, the songs, the story, the view of the castle, and obviously the drop are all amazing and I just can’t wait to get back on this ride!!

                                                              Our Splash Mountain ride Photo!

Obviously, there are a lot of rides and attractions that I haven’t said and thats not to say I don’t like them because I don’t think there was one ride that we did that I didn’t like, I just don’t think you want a list of ALL the rides because that’d be pretty long lol. There was also a lot of rides we didn’t go on because we didn’t have time as we were only there for 1 week; come September though when we’re there for 2 weeks, this list could be subject to change!

As always, See Ya Real soon,

Jenny xxx


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